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A Personal Message From Kerri Kasem

The work of the Kasem Cares Foundation addresses the experiences of an increasing number of families whose family members need protection from abuse, regardless of their financial status. Increasingly, adult family members around the country need to protect ailing relatives whose lives are being controlled by someone who restricts access to and creates inhumane conditions for a vulnerable adult. 

To protect such families, TV and Talk Radio host Kerri Kasem, the daughter of radio icon Casey Kasem, is speaking out and supporting legislation to stop Elder Abuse in the form of isolation of an ailing parent or loved one. Thousands of families are torn apart everyday due to an abusive caretaker alienating/isolating their spouse, sibling, or patient from their loved ones. The goals of this organization is to empower helpless families and the court systems that should be able to protect vulnerable adults. Everyone ages and this nightmare could happen to anyone. 

To accomplish these goals, the Foundation is presently coordinating with such California groups as Laura’s House , Aging In Place and Hospice Touch. There are legislative efforts in California (Assembly Member Mike Gatto), Texas (State Rep. Joe Moody), Nevada (Assembly Member Michele Fiore), Iowa (Senator Brad Zaun  ), Illinois (Senator Andy Manar ), Pennsylvania (State Rep. Brendan F. Boyle ), with other states soon to be added to establish similar protective legislation.   

The Foundation invites you to join an expanding group of passionate professionals and community-minded families who want to preserve the visitation rights of adult children and loving family members.

Family integrity is the core value of the Kasem Cares Foundation. The passage of visitation laws and elder abuse prevention measures will help to strengthen future family relationships, and eliminate the torment and expense of endless litigation.

Join us to help protect vulnerable families facing such challenges now and protect your family from such possible abuses in the future.




Kerri Kasem and the Kasem Cares Foundation


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